Private & Small Group Instruction

Private and/or small group instruction is one of the most beneficial environments to begin or deepen your practice. I specialize in private instruction that incorporates the fields of biomechanics, yoga therapy, neuroscience, physiology, pain management, and physical therapy. Sessions are tailored to each person’s goals and limitations and combine techniques of self-massage, corrective movement, breathing mechanics, and yoga poses for strength and flexibility. Individualized instruction helps illustrate how everyday movements (ie. sitting, standing, walking, lifting, etc.) with proper alignment can be contextualized to live and experience a resilient, mobile, and balanced body.

Great for those new to yoga or recovering from injury, sessions provide the opportunity to focus on foundational poses, alignment, and improving overall body awareness through breath and meditation. It is also ideal for those looking to vary or explore specific elements of the practice. Individual instruction allows for one-on-one adjustments and tailored sequencing of movements so your body can integrate the practice from a holistic approach.

Please contact me for rates and scheduling availability.