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Looking to alleviate neck stiffness/pain, prevent shoulder injury, or rehab a rotator cuff strain?

Only two more days and 4 more spots left for my Shoulder Workshop this Saturday from 2:30-5:30pm. Advanced registration required, email: yogawithkristinetom@gmail.com

Learn, Practice, Thrive. Yoga Workshop Series

July 8, 2017, 2:30pm - July 8, 2017, 5:30pm

Learn: Basic anatomy and functional movement to develop the necessary components of body awareness for optimal posture and body mechanics. Practice: Yoga poses and self-massage techniques to create a movement routine and muscle recovery program that promotes sustainable strength and flexibility. Thrive: Breathing exercises and guided meditation are incorporated as tools to help the techniques and practices integrate into the mind and body. Shoulders: Alleviating Pain Saturday, July 8 from 2:30-5:30pm - $50 Advanced registration required. Shoulder and neck discomfort and pain are common ailments in the body and unfortunately, everyday activities like typing, texting, driving, and carrying can contribute to repetitive use injuries if not done with proper body mechanics. This workshop will focus on balancing the strength and flexibility necessary in the shoulders to develop and sustain their full range of motion. Self-massage techniques will focus on releasing stress and muscle tension from the neck, jaw, and shoulders. Corrective yoga postures will be used to teach more sustainable biomechanics for everyday movements. Especially helpful for those that have had prior rotator cuff strain/sprain or suffer from upper back and neck pain. Hips: Releasing Tension Sunday, August 6 from 2:30-5:30pm - $50 Advanced registration required. Spinal health and posture begins with pelvic mobility. This workshop will focus on strengthening the muscles of the hips (hip flexors, glutes, quads, and hamstrings) and incorporate techniques of dynamic and static stretch to increase range of motion. Self massage techniques help release tension in the hips to beneficially influence the posture and movement of the spine. Especially helpful for those suffering from chronic low back tension or pain. To register email: yogawithkristinetom@gmail.com

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Happy Friday! Don't forget to be good to your body this weekend 🙂 ...

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