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Workshop Spoiler Alert: It involves very little "yoga" ie. poses. Sorry, I WON'T be teaching you how to stand on your hands or head or how to do a certain pose. The focus WILL be on the research of the mind-body connection as it relates to stress and how aspects of the yoga practice can promote emotional & psychological resilience in our every day lives.

Thanks to the support of my friends, family, and people out in the world committed to making it a better place 🙂

Psychology of Yoga Workshop

February 25, 2017, 2:30pm - February 25, 2017, 5:30pm

REG LINK: www.prajnacenter.com/workshops-events/ Does yoga really change the brain? What is the connection between the mind and body in context of yoga and mindfulness? Is there a relationship between the physical yoga practice and our ability to cope and manage stress in our everyday lives? There is a rapidly growing body of research exploring the links between mindfulness, yoga, and psychological well-being. In this introductory workshop we’ll cover some of the most prominent studies, what has been found, what hasn’t, and what benefits and implications yoga has for the brain, mind, and physical body. This workshop will primarily consist of lecture with some experiential/movement practice. All levels encouraged and welcome. $30 until Feb. 18, $40 thereafter Kristine has a M.A.​ in Psychology from SFSU and has been teaching yoga full time since 2008. Her focus in working with private clients and teaching public and corporate classes integrates the fields of Psychology and Yoga. Her research studies the links between mindfulness and awareness in the body and how these become tools for us to better cope wit​h,​ and manage stress. She is deeply passionate about the practical applications of yoga, breathing exercises, and movement to experience greater physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

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