about me

Kristine has an M.A. in Psychology and has been teaching yoga full time since 2008. Her focus in working with private clients and teaching public and corporate classes integrates the fields of Psychology and Yoga. Her research studies the links between mindfulness and awareness in the body and how these become tools for us to better cope with, and manage stress.  Her studies also include the effects of yoga on neuroplasticity, or the growth and strengthening of the pathways in the brain that support optimal psychological functioning. She is deeply passionate about the practical applications of yoga, breathing exercises, and movement to experience greater physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

Kristine began practicing yoga in 2001 as a low impact form of exercise due to overstressed knee tendons from years of running. She began studying with Bryan Kest in Santa Monica because of his focus on wellness in the body and his studio’s unique donation based concept. In yoga, she found an activity that integrated both a physical and mental challenge with an overwhelming feeling of calm. Kristine’s studies include massage therapy and anatomy at Body Therapy Center (now McKinnon Institute), Vinyasa Teacher Training with Mark Stephens, Yoga Tune Up Teacher Training with Jill Miller, Mindful Awareness Body-Oriented Therapy (MABT) with Cynthia Price, and Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Movement Studies with Bo Forbes.